HHT Contact Information

Those desiring evaluation for themselves or their family may arrange a medical visit by calling the Washington University Lung Center at (314) 454-8917 or (877) 888-5864 and for children, (314) 454-2479.

Depending on the needs identified by our clinic staff, a coordinated visit will be arranged. If simple screening and evaluation are needed, it will be performed by the medical director.

If specific problems such as severe nosebleeds, GI bleeding, or neurological problems are identified, consultations with specialists will be arranged on the same visit.

For specific questions, pre-visit consultation with your personal physician, or problems falling outside the areas listed, you may contact Dr. Murali Chakinala at:

Phone: (314) 454-8917 or (877) 888-5864

FAX: (314) 747-2200

e-mail: chakinalam@wustl.edu